Paul Hiebert Collection

A detail from a letter sent by Paul Hiebert explaining the gift of his manuscripts to the library

Paul Hiebert once wrote to Bill Clarke, from Oxford University Press Canada, which published Sarah Binks in 1947, "after I am properly dead and buried, someone is going to discover Sarah as real Canadiana" (quoted in Panofsky 84), and while that undoubtedly has already happened (Carole Gerson calls Binks "enshrined in the Canadian canon" [64] and Ruth Panofsky calls it "a seminal text" [71], for instance) this website is very much dedicated to showcasing one of the Prairies's finest under-appreciated writers. And while Sarah Binks is considered an important work, as of yet Hiebert has not received the due critical attention that Leacock and Haliburton did.

The Hiebert collection is relatively small, though it holds two very important manuscripts of his great Binksania, Sarah Binks and Willows Revisited. This digital exhibition will also supply supplementary information and some historical information regarding criticism, publication history, reception, and some analysis of the text itself in an attempt to create an electronic space for researchers and students to (re)experience Paul Hiebert's vibrant work.

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